Sites are selected based on the following main criteria :

  • Alignment with the GIHSN scope and design;
  • Significant level of local co-funding: the Foundation for Influenza Epidemiology privileges catalytic funding rather than full funding;
  • Geographical representativeness of the site;
  • Existing laboratory capability to test influenza by RT-PCR;
  • Experience in conducting similar epidemiological studies.

Each coordinating site supervises a group of one to several hospitals in its country or geographical region and follows a core reference protocol.

Funding usually ranges between 20,000€ and 150,000€ depending on the size of the study.

All study sites are public partners and they have full ownership of the data they generate. The Foundation for Influenza Epidemiology has access to the results but not to the the raw data.

A pooled analysis is performed yearly by the coordination partner and discussed at a global stakeholders meeting.

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